Bournemouth U3A Programme

Dates and venue details.

Group ID: 66
Group Type: Art
Leader: Ann Farmer
Day: Wed
Start Time: 10.30
Finish Time: 12.30
Programme Venue: Home of Group Leader, Refer to Group Leader

Ann welcomes all beginners to come and learn to paint with water colours and acrylics.  Come and try your hand.  Own materials.

Group ID: 89
Group Type: Art
Leader: Peter Spurgeon (01202 914896)
Day: Thu
Start Time: 10.30
Finish Time: 12.00
Programme Venue: No Specific Venue

 Get outside. Stop & stare. Bring sketching / art things. Locations agreed during the week. In case of doubt ring the morning before. Venue BH postcode areas.

Group ID: 18
Group Type: Dancing
Leader: Margo Fitzsimons
Day: Mon
Start Time: 12:45
Finish Time: 14:00
Programme Venue: Friends Meeting House, 16 Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe, BH5 1AH
Room Code: GFH

 Continuing from last term but new beginners welcome. Comfortable shoes, no stilettos. Dancing is fun. Exercise happens when you dance. Visit:

Group ID: 121
Group Type: Cards and Games
Leader: David Preston
Day: Fri
Start Time: 14:00
Finish Time: 15:30
Programme Venue: Moordown Community Centre, 21 Coronation Avenue, Bournemouth, BH9 1TW

 Easy to learn & fun to play, backgammon is an ancient game using counters & dice. Tuition given. Friendly group, all abilities. Last session 29/05/20.

Group ID: 91
Group Type: Cards and Games
Leader: Jonathan Kay
Day: Thu
Start Time: 13:45
Finish Time: 15:30
Comments: Autumn & Spring terms
Programme Venue: Bournemouth Reform Synagogue, 53 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3PA
Room Code: RM

A BASIC course to cover Etiquette, Scoring, Bidding & Play. Autumn & Spring Terms