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Please click the image below to view our September 2020 Newsletter.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CANCELLATION OF GROUPS AND ACTIVITIES DURING THE SUMMER TERM, CURRENT MEMBERSHIP FOR 2019/2020 HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 31 DECEMBER 2020.  FOR NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS PLEASE CONTACT PAT LEY AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or JENNIE PUDNEY AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please click the image below to view our Summer 2020 Newsletter.


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Induction Meeting at WLIB on Friday 30th August 2020

**   This is Cancelled **


Pre-Programme Meeting at FMH on Weds 19th September 2020

** This is Postponed and a new date will be advised.


 Portable Appliance Testing

This will have to be re arranged once our office is re-opened. All Leaders who had arranged to have their own equipment tested in March will be contacted. 


                                                                                                                    Jennie Pudney



We have a lively Facebook page with over 100 members who enjoy sharing photo's, videos, links to live webcams and generally enjoying the online company of other members.  The site is managed by Mavis Jackson, who checks every application to ensure each person is a current Bournemouth U3A member, or has been invited to join by an existing member.  No political posts are allowed. Many have found the page a helpful way of passing the time, keeping in contact and even making friends with members they would not usually meet. All details remain private unless you choose to publicise them. Why not check it out for yourself, the link for the page is

Fun Photography Group -  Leaders, Pat Gibson & David Cox

Within a week of the Spring term ending, self-isolating for our age group started and any plans for holidays, visitors etc. cancelled.  Panic buying began! Life as we knew it changed overnight.

It was soon obvious that our Summer term would be cancelled but we were determined our Fun Photography group would continue in some form!  Via telephone conferences, we devised our 'Lockdown Through the Lens' programme, whereby we would give members a weekly project, all do-able from home and strictly Sunday to Sunday.  Members submit their weekly photo to David electronically who would then forward the result to all the whole group online; also giving them the next challenge!

The results have been brilliant and everyone is enjoying keeping 'connected'  in this way.  All the photos are being stored both online and on a memory stick so that we can all enjoy a slide show when  'normal services are resumed' !

Here are some online links to the four topics so far, we hope you enjoy the photos:

Topic 1.  GOING GREEN      





Lockdown Through the Lens – The Continuation!

Following on from projects 1-4 (as above), the Fun Photography Group enthusiastically pursued weekly topics, 5-11, as listed and illustrated below, producing wide and wonderful  interpretations on a theme!


Now officially on the Summer break, it was agreed to continue with a monthly topic, which will hopefully be featured here in due course.  The weekly challenge will resume in the Autumn term.


When lockdown restrictions were eased, members were out and about with their cameras snapping extraordinary sights locally, notably the 50-60 BA aircraft at the Airport and the four cruise ships lined up in the bay for a few days. One of our guest speakers, Dr George Green, also took a photo of what we think may be an Airbus A340 flying masks/PPE into Bournemouth Airport!  It has a big thank you to the NHS on its side.  These have been added here to our lockdown library of photographs below


Topic 5. TRANSPORT – 10th May 2020  

Topic 6. STILL LIFE WITH (LOCKDOWN) FRUIT – 17th May 2020  

Topic 7.  Sunrise/Sunset  - 24th May 2020 

Topic 8 .  REFLECTIONS  -  31st May 2020   

Topic 9. TEATIME!  -  7th June 2020

Topic 10. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS!  - 14th June 2020 

Topic 11. A SWEET PICTURE!  -  21st June 2020 

PLANES AND CRUISE LINERS!  In addition to the above topics, various members of the group sent in photos of the BA planes parked up at Bournemouth airport and the cruise liners moored in the bay off Bournemouth.  At one time there were four cruise ships in the bay seemingly with nowhere to go!


We have seven regular members of the song-writing group, and to my knowledge it remains the only song-writing group in the U3A in the UK. All the members, including the newest and the members that write lyrics only, have written songs that now have melodies and recorded demos.  Some members have over 30 songs in their repertoire and some of those had never written songs before joining the group. We have a lot of fun every week and write for a variety of genres and subjects.  New members, musicians, singers and/or writers will always receive a welcome.  If you would like to hear some of the songs that the group members have written, we have a website where it is free to listen to them

                                                                                                                                        Mavis Jackson



Autumn Term      -

Spring Term       Monday 4th January 2021 - Friday 12th March 2021

Summer Term    Monday 19th April 2021 - Monday 21st June 2021


The summer term finishes on a Monday to help compensate for bank holidays lost.